Off the Rails: A Good Thing?

Psych Circus

rails   Google SearchI’m not particularly enthusiastic with “should,” “that’s how we do it,” arbitrary rules, and so on.

They each have their place, and I respect that, but not enthusiastically. I can decide.

I favor reason, initiative, innovation, creativity, judgement, freedom. That’s my way.

I figure initiative got us humans out of the caves, gave us fire. Not bad! Rules and traditions give us more of the same.

So I’m curious. I’m too tired today to offer serious material – so much work lately! – but still, I’m curious.

I’ve had a saying for some time now, a vague philosophy of sorts.

Simple really. I can quote it:

“I went off the rails. Then I figured out I like it better that way. Far more freedom of movement!”

Jumping the rails is usually framed as a disaster. For a train and its passengers, it IS a disaster, of course.

For metaphorical purposes…

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