At some time in our lives most of us have heard the following saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

Nothing could be further from the truth! What people say about us and to us has the ability to wound us deeply.

Proverbs 12:18  Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing”.

The tongue is a muscle attached to the floor of the mouth. It is one of the strongest muscles in the human body and is also vital for speech.  Without your tongue you would not be able to formulate words.

We need to realise how powerful our tongues are.

With our tongues we can speak blessings or curses into each other’s lives.

We can encourage people or we can choose to bring them down by our discouraging words.

There is a quote that says “the tongue like a sharp knife….kills without drawing blood” and an old Persian proverb says “whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue”.

With our tongues we can belittle, embarrass and hurt someone so badly that they actually want to die.

The reverse is also true.  With our tongues we can bring healing and joy into someone’s life.

“There was a little boy with a bad temper.  His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he had to hammer a nail in the back fence.

The first day, the boy drove 37 nails into the fence.  Then it gradually dwindled.

He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive nails into the fence.

Finally, the day came when the boy didn’t lose his temper at all.  He told his father about it, and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper.

The days passed, and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence.  He said, “You have done well, my son, and I am proud of you.  Now look at the holes in the fence.  It will never be the same.  When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one.  You can put a knife in a man and draw it out.  It won’t matter how many times you say I’m sorry, the wound is still there.”

We need to choose our words carefully and to remember that once they are spoken they can never be taken back!

Psalm 34:13  “keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies”

Proverbs 21:23 “He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity”

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6 thoughts on “STICKS AND STONES ………!

  1. Unfortunately, many “Christians” say judgmental and hurtful things to others while in church. I wish other “Christians” would realize this like you do. It was the harsh and judgmental words of “Christians” that made not believe in god anymore.


    • I know how you feel. I have been deeply wounded by some Christians in the church and I have also been deeply loved by other Christians in the church. The ‘church’ is meant to be a safe haven, a place where God’s love is shown to each and everybody and yet it is often in the ‘church’ that we are wounded the most. I hold onto the knowledge that as human beings none of us are perfect and for me, personally, I live in the knowledge that it is only through God’s grace that I can stand! If you have the time please won’t you go read my blog
      It is about Daniel, a friend of mine, who suffered from Schizophrenia, had lived on the streets, spent a lot of time in a mental asylum, had been in prison and who had also been deeply hurt by the church. He admitted that he was far lonelier in the church than he had ever been on the streets. Daniel taught me so much and the church really needed Daniel and I thank God that Daniel stayed in the church because my life and other people’s lives would be so much poorer if he had not. I am so sorry that you lost your belief in God because of the ‘church’ and I pray that maybe one day you will give ‘church’ a second chance. Thank you for your comments – they mean a lot to me. I will end with Daniel’s words “For life thrives on the unity of truth, grace, mercy and love for one to another.”


      • Thanks for your reply. I wish I could tell you how much you telling me about your friend Daniel helps me at the moment especially since I too suffer from a mental illness. Thankfully, I don’t suffer from Schizophrenia. Thanks for sharing.


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